Tour NYC with Metro Livery: Go Big or Go Home!

in News   29 March 2019.

Good day, good people of Tennessee and beyond!

Yeah, yeah, the rumors are true! Metro Livery transportation family is growing!

Tour NYC with Metro Livery - Go Big and Go Home

Did you notice? You know, the big WORLDWIDE part on homepage “Menu” section!

It’s right there, to the left, at the top of other services! For now, it has just two cities, but if you stick around, you’ll surely see it grow. You’ll have to agree: New York and Los Angeles, are fabulous places to start this widely requested luxury car rentals service near my location revolution.

The Nearest Limo Company with Coast to Coast Service!

You’ve grown accustomed to having your favorite limo company close to Nashville right around the corner, and nothing’s gonna change about that!

Metro Livery will stay your number one black car service in the Nashville Metropolitan Area. Over the years this team has acquired a stellar reputation when it comes to BNA airport transfers, wedding limo & bus services and corporate town car rentals in Tennessee.

Let’s be clear: the fondness of figuring out the best routes from Hendersonville to Antioch, and how to get from Spring Hill to Smyrna in the fastest way possible, hasn’t disappeared. Those kinds of Nashville suburbia transportation puzzles are by now wonderful, daily parts of to-do lists of Metro Livery’s crew. Love of simple black car rides close to the Nashville area isn’t gone, trust us on that. It’s stronger than ever.

Still, staying in your comfort zone without trying to challenge oneself isn’t the attitude that propelled us to the top and helped us gain the status of a leading limousine service near Nashville. No, sir! It’s time for a challenge. Big Apple challenge for starters!

What Is the Distance From NYC to Nashville?

NYC to Nashville - Tour NYC

Google Maps and plenty of road shows and tours over the years have shown us that mileage usually ads up to 900 miles give-or-take. Nashville to NYC bus charter service near me without any major problems or longer stops can be done in around 15 hours.

That being said, if you already booked a ride close to NY (no matter if it’s shuttle bus or an executive sedan) with Metro Livery, why wouldn’t you make a few additional stops along the way if your schedule allows it? And if you decide for an impromptu detour that’s also, not a problem at all! Just let your chauffeur know that you want to make a stop in Philadelphia, Shenandoah, Smoky Mountains National Park, Chattanooga, Lookout Mountain attractions or anywhere else in between, and you’ll be on your way there in no time.

Every road trip deserves a special, delightful twist and staff of Metro Livery will support you through every mile and every choice of your NYC journey. “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey” taken to a whole another level!

But, Who Will Drive Me Around New York Then?

Same guys who got you to NYC will give you a ride anywhere you like throughout Boroughs of New York City. Do you want to stop by Times Square? Done! Need to go to the airport to pick someone up? Just tell us which: JFK, LGA, TEB, EWR or some other airport near the NY area or far, and you’ll be on your way there in a blink of an eye. Or do you want to take your group from Manhattan to Staten Island without chasing taxies or figuring out which limo company in New York is worthy of your time?

Go with the team you trust – go with Metro Livery near New York. You’re already used to all clean vehicles, competent drivers, comfortable environment and all sorts of amenities adjusted to your needs specifically. Why waste hours researching other companies when you know that one call at 1-615-365-3434 or 1-888-444-5911 can take care of all that and then some!

This team has the chops to drive you around New York, and then back home like nobody’s business!

How Much Will  NYC or Tennessee Ride Cost Me?

Ride - Tour NYC

You know Metro Livery brand well enough to be certain that any kind of rip off is out of the question, but that question requires a bit more specification.

Which car do you want? The price for airport shuttle close by won’t be the same as for an executive sedan. The big factor is also how long should your black car rental booking last? Three hours? Six? Whole day? Do you want the road-trip option, A to B transfer, or hourly service to have us on hand when in NYC? All the different aspects change the prices but you can rest assured that it will remain budget friendly any which way. Reach out, tell us what you had in mind, and watch your plans come to life!

Metro Livery may have a New York and LA branch now, but modus operandi stays the same: customer satisfaction above everything else. But you already knew that!

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