Top 5 Restaurants in Nashville

in News   01 August 2019.

Have you ever been to Nashville? If you have, you know that, other than music, Nashville is also famous for its incredibly tasty food. But if you haven’t been there, this blog will get up your appetite and inspire you to visit this exciting city. Fantastic music, art installations, historical sites, and delicious food are only a few reasons why many people choose Nashville as their vacation destination. When in need of reliable black car service near the Nashville area, you can always count on Metro Livery to provide transport to all famous bars, restaurants, parks, and museums. Reserve your limo ride nearby today and travel care-free to any of the restaurants on the following list. Don’t worry about drinking one too many glasses of wine while enjoying your dining experience. Metro Livery will mind the road for you and take you back safely to your home or a hotel.

Top 5 Restaurants in Nashville

After making sure that your transportation around Nashville is taken care of, it’s important to know which restaurants are the ones that you shouldn’t miss if you want to try authentic Nashville food and enjoy every bite and sip you take. You can ask experienced and friendly Metro Livery chauffeurs which restaurants are the best. Depending on your taste and diet preferences, they will recommend one of the restaurants (or all of them!) from the following list.

1. Waldo’s Chicken and Beer

If you want to try Nashville’s famous chicken, this restaurant is the best place to do it. Whether you prefer fried chicken, wings or tenders, Waldo’s Chicken and Beer offers a simple yet delicious menu that’s both tasty and affordable. Original sauces, fresh side salads, juicy chicken, and warm buns will satisfy everyone’s appetite. Other than delicious food and fantastic beers, this restaurant is also great because it’s located only a mile from the city center. Amazing, right? And after an excellent lunch or dinner, you’ll need someone to drive you to your hotel. Count on Metro Livery’s black car service in the vicinity to offer the best services and a safe and comfortable point to point limo ride to or from Waldo’s Chicken and Beer restaurant. Enjoy authentic Nashville chicken without worrying about anything else.

2. The Eastern Peak – Gulch

Do you prefer Asian cuisine? You’ll be happy to know that The Eastern Peak-Gulch prepares the most delicious Asian food. All dishes are a great mixture of traditional and modern recipes made of fresh ingredients. The food on this menu is a perfect combination of Asian and western taste, which makes the food even more unique. Sushi rolls, rice, noodles, dishes with or without meat and fish – The Eastern Peak-Gulch has it all. If you add the amazing design that this restaurant has, your dining experience will be pure luxury. This restaurant is very close to the center as well, so you won’t have trouble locating it. If you’re far from the center, or maybe even in another Tennessee area (Clarksville, Franklin, Brentwood, etc.), Metro Livery black car company Nashville will offer the best limo rides nearby and take you to and from The Eastern Peak-Gulch safely.

3. City House

City House - Top 5 Restaurants

Is Italian food your go-to? City House is one of the best restaurants of Italian cuisine in the entire Nashville area. This restaurant is in the business for more than ten years, and the main chef is a James Beard Award winner, which tells you enough about how incredible the food is. So, when in Nashville and craving for some pizza, gnocchi o spaghetti, you can ask Metro Livery’s friendly chauffeur to take you to City House where you can enjoy those and many other Italian dishes. What’s even better is that City House isn’t far from the Nashville center, which is very convenient. After hours of strolling through Victory Park, Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park and visiting World War II Memorial, you can relax and enjoy tasty Italian food and wine.

4. Robert’s Western World

Robert's Western World - Top 5 Restaurants

If you’re looking for a place where you can experience the authentic Nashville atmosphere and enjoy delicious bbq, Robert’s Western World is the best choice for you. In the center of Nashville, this traditional restaurant offers amazing dishes prepared on the grill and a variety of choice when it comes to beverages. With live country music seven evenings a week, Robert’s Western World offers a real Nashville experience and a peasant, unique atmosphere. Enjoy the most delicious meat, sandwiches, chips, and beer while listening to fantastic bands. Metro Livery drivers know this place very well since it’s popular among tourist because of its authenticity and enjoyable environment. Your black car ride nearby to/from Robert’s Western World will be equally enjoyable and pleasant, so don’t waste your time and call to reserve your black car vehicle asap.

5. Mas Tacos Por Favor

“Where can I find the best Mexican food in Nashville?” The answer is very simple – at Mas Tacos Por Favor. When in this city, don’t miss the opportunity to visit East Nashville and try food in this fantastic food shack. Don’t be surprised by the super long line in front of this food cart since Mas Tacos Por Favor is the most popular Mexican restaurant in Nashville. Have patience while waiting, because it’s worth it. Enjoy the most delicious tacos prepared according to the traditional Mexican recipe and by Mexicans themselves. If you book your black car ride near the area on an hourly basis, you can wait in line without worrying about the transportation back to your hotel. A friendly chauffeur will drive you there, wait until you’re finished eating and get you back safely and efficiently. 

Even though this list features only 5 of Nashville’s most famous restaurants that offer super delicious menus, this doesn’t mean that many other eateries aren’t excellent – on the contrary! Nashville is a city where you can find food for everyone’s taste and wallet. So, the next time you’re in Nashville and in search of a restaurant with top-notch quality food, call Metro Livery and ask your black car chauffeur to recommend one and take you there. Your “car service close to me” has never been better – Metro Livery provides comfort, efficiency, and safety. Book your ride now, and you’ll be impressed.

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