The Metro Livery Guide to a Safe Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

in News   21 February 2020.

Congratulations! You’re getting married! Isn’t that just the most joyous time? But, also, some of the most stressful times come at a point in which you have to plan the wedding and everything in between. This includes the bachelor/bachelorette parties as well. For today, we’re going to skip over the wedding planning and focus on the bachelor/bachelorette parties. 

The Metro Livery Guide to a Safe Bachelor Party

Why is it important to find a rental service for a bachelor/bachelorette party?

Because one of the most overlooked things when it comes to this type of celebration is safety. With news headlines all over the internet describing freak accidents that happen at these parties, you can only imagine the horror. This is why with Metro Livery, a reliable black car and bus rental service, you can rest assured that you and your groomsmen (and the ladies as well) are safe and happy.

Top 5 Tips for Organizing a Smooth and Safe Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

With Metro Livery, your stag night can go smoothly because there is no need for a designated driver. The “designated driver” is actually the company’s driver. These drivers are careful professionals, extremely cautious and very skilled at the steering wheel. From their years of experience, you can actually learn a lot about how a bachelor party can go well, or south, very quickly.

Gather everyone at the same place

This is one of the more important things to take care of. The party can start as soon as everyone is there. Whether it be a surprise party or not, a well-defined meeting point and a well-timed schedule are of utmost importance. The party cannot start if the groom’s best friend hasn’t arrived, or if the bus is late! Make sure you go over all of the itinerary with your party bus/limo provider and let the driver know exactly when and where you need to be at some points in the night. The limo/party bus can also pick up all of the party members on the way to the meeting point.

Make sure you switch it up

A bachelor/bachelorette party isn’t the same anymore if you don’t keep it dynamic. If you hire a party planner you might find yourself going to several places throughout the night, and that’s a good thing. The most common plan is to create a main event, and then drive around to a bar or some other fun places where everyone can let loose. Going from one place to the next with ease is really important, especially later in the night when some members might have had one too many glasses of wine/whiskey. 

Rely on your driver and try not to make detours

When planning a party like this, it’s important that no one, and we can’t stress this enough – absolutely no one who participates cannot sit behind the wheel at any point in time. The groom and the groomsmen, as well as the bride and bachelorettes, no matter how capable you think you are or confident, leave the driving to the professionals. A car service like the ones Metro Livery has to offer is the best solution to having a safe trip to and from places during the bachelor party. Chauffeurs know the protocol and put safety as a priority. No one gets left behind and that’s what’s important. People can come to the party and get home safely, all within the service of our limo/party bus rentals.

Have fun!

Have a Fun - Safe Bachelor Party

Planning a bachelor/bachelorette party can be tough, as you have to create a schedule that will benefit all of the participants. There needs to be enough time for everyone to interact with the groom and congratulate him, have fun and talk to each other, dance, do silly trivia, or whatever that you imagined your perfect bachelor/bachelorette party to be. Make sure no one gets left behind or ignored, try to do some activities that involve everyone to participate even for a little while. This is the time to have fun and make fond memories.

Find a reliable limo rental service near you

As we already mentioned, there isn’t anything more valuable than safety. During your bachelor/bachelorette party, Metro Livery will be here to make the trips safe and fun. Luxury and smooth transportation solutions are Metro Livery’s expertise. In the fleet you will be able to find all kinds of vehicles from luxury limos to party buses that are perfect for a night out with friends or a bachelor/bachelorette party. All of the details will be taken by the professionals. The professional drivers are punctual, skilled, licenced and experienced. 

You won’t have to look for a designated driver tonight, give us a call and see for yourself how a limo rental service can make your life easier!

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