Nashville Nightlife Guide

in News   09 March 2020.

Learn About Nashville Bars and Honky Tonks

Welcome to Nashville, Tennessee! This city is one of the birthplaces of country music. The Nashville sound, which originated from the 1950s, turned country music into a multimillion-dollar industry that is still to this day. Many country music lovers come to Tennessee to experience first hand what it’s like to go to their famous dive bars and honky-tonks. Today, Metro Livery limo service will introduce you to some of the places you have to visit if you’re in Nashville. And, of course, for transportation, rely on your trusty black car service in Nashville. You can order chauffeured transport during the night and come back to your accommodation safely.

Nashville Nightlife Guide - Metro Livery Transportation

Broadway, “The District,” Honky Tonk Row

“The District” in Nashville is undoubtedly the focal point of Nashville’s nightlife. You can’t visit Nashville without having spent at least one evening there. You can take a trip to the “Honky Tonk Row,” which is a famous Nashville spot located between First and Fifth avenues. 

There, you will find the Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge – which has been a local landmark for half a century. This historic watering hole/honky-tonk has multiple levels at which you can listen to different music. The rooftop is the most exciting part as it offers a fantastic view of Nashville and plays contemporary pop and hip-hop. In the honky-tonk, you can find the “Tootsie’s Hall of Fame,” which has all of the famous artists that visited or still visit and sometimes join the bands on one of the stages.

For live country music and dancing, walk over to The Stage on Broadway. This honky-tonk is featuring live country bands, and murals and pictures of music icons surround the dancefloor. It is also a multi-level bar. The Stage on Broadway is featuring many vintage and rustic memorabilia and decor. In that sense, it has wooden floors, walls, tables, stools and barstools, lots of old movie posters and guitars and signs. This bar is one of the highest-rated honky-tonks in Nashville. It has excellent live music; the singers often take requests from the audience, too. For outdoorsy people, there’s a fantastic rooftop bar.

Although Nashville has a bunch of locally-owned cafes, restaurants, and bars that you can choose from, The Hard Rock Cafe is also a trendy choice. It is located on 100 Broadway. The place offers fantastic food and drinks and rooftop seating with a great view and live music. The staff at the HRC gets a lot of praise for friendliness and attentiveness. You can catch a live concert, a karaoke night, or have a late-night dinner in a relaxed and cozy environment.

No matter the time of day, you will see Broadway brimming with people. It has a lot of historical landmarks, bars, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and shops. To catch a sports game, a CMA awards ceremony, or a Broadway show, go to the Bridgestone Arena. For a quiet time, a pleasant stroll, a live outdoor concert, or catching the Independence Day Fireworks, then go to the Riverfront Park.

How to stay safe when going out in Nashville at night?

Going out, stay safe - Nightlife Guide

Nashville is not a “walkable” city, unfortunately. It’s running low on bus lines, bike trails, and it isn’t great to try and reach downtown from your hotel on foot. You should also avoid some run-down places at night, and make sure to lock your valuables in your hotel room and not leave them in sight. 

If you plan on going out to a bar or a club, you can rent a limo in Nashville for the night. With a professional driver at your side, Metro Livery will make sure you can come back to your hotel or home safely. If you travel in groups of people, you don’t have to put the stress on someone for being the designated driver. You can experience the beautiful honky-tonks and dive bars together, as well as local favorite food and drinks. If you require black car service in Nashville or are looking for charters and tour services, look no further. Metro Livery has a vast fleet of vehicles for your convenience so that you can travel with your companions safely.

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