Charters and Tours Service

Metro Livery provides a range of Charters and Tours Service that will showcase much of Nashville’s historic music scene and allow you to discover some of the unique neighborhoods. Travel with our professionals to famous areas that attract an array of artists and musicians and offer a collection of eclectic shops, restaurants, cafes and popular urban spots. Step on board and explore famed record stores, legendary studios and up and coming nooks of the Music City. Nashville’s transportation experts with a wide experience and inside-out knowledge of the city are near your location, at your service. Contact us for a personalized tour of Nashville and surrounding areas.

Unique Opportunity to Experience the City

Our Charters and Tours Service gives you a unique opportunity to experience the city, rich in history and filled with music, with your very own tour designed according to your preference. Metro Livery is Nashville’s leading luxurious transportation provider with years of experience and a drive for success. Our success is measured by positive customer feedback and their smiles. Providing a perfectly designed, planned and executed service is our main goal. When you combine our love of Music City and passion for transportation, the result is the premium Nashville transportation service.

Personalized Charters and Tours of the Music City

Make the most of your time and budget when you travel with Metro Livery and choose our Charters and Tours Service. Let us provide a personalized tour of the Music City, where you can share the atmosphere and go down the streets that were once walked by the greatest music legends. Your tour will be packed with the best things Music city has to offer. Our fine service is enjoyed by locals and international guests alike. Gather your group of friends and join us for a memorable time in Nashville.


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