6 Reasons to Move to Nashville

in News   25 November 2019.

Being widely famous as the Music City, Nashville is one of the most popular places for living, and more and more people are moving there on a daily basis. Other than the fantastic music scene than inspires new artists to begin their own music careers, Nashville has a lot to offer.

6 Reasons to Move to Nashville

After reading this blog, you’ll surely understand why Nashville is so popular among young people and families with kids. One thing’s for sure, even if you’re not considering moving there, you should visit Nashville at least once. You’ll be impressed by its atmosphere, tourist attractions as well as welcoming citizens that will try their best to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

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Now let’s list the six most popular reasons that make people want to move to Nashville. 

Tasty Food

The second most famous thing about Nashville (besides music) is the super-delicious food. Both locals and visitors can’t get enough of Nashville’s BBQ and always tasty hot chicken. Nashville is named “number one city for BBQ” on Travel+Leisure’s list, and there are also many other cuisines and fantastic restaurants that make the food scene excellent and widely famous. 

Some of Nashville’s best restaurants are Waldo’s Chicken and Beer, Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint, Robert’s Western World, etc. This city has a restaurant for everyone’s taste and pocket. From fine dinings in Kayne Prime to affordable meals in Joey’s House of Pizza – you’ll find eateries that are right for you. 

Jobs Everywhere

Jobs - Nashville

Finding a job in Nashville nowadays is easy – there are more job opportunities each day, and that’s why young professionals choose Nashville as their home. What’s also great is that the Nashville economy doesn’t show signs of slowing down but only growing more and more. This stability and the fact that this city is very entrepreneur-friendly make Nashville one of the best places for professional growth in the entire US. No wonder why young people want to move there, really. 

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Top-Notch Healthcare

One of the leading industries in Nashville is healthcare. There are a lot of job opportunities in this field, and Nashville is the home to many exceptional hospitals and medical centers. This means that people in this city feel more secure when it comes to healthcare and have peace of mind living there. On the list of 10 largest employers, four places are held by healthcare companies, which shows the real influence of this business on the entire Nashville area. 

High Salaries, Low Cost of Living

Having a lot of job options is one thing, but having high salaries for the majority of professions is another level of awesome! As mentioned, Nashville’s economy is in constant growth, and a lot of industries follow it with high salaries and benefits that come with it. Although the wages are great, the cost of living isn’t as high as in, let’s say, Portland. 

From rent to groceries and clothes, Nashville has reasonable prices that fit everyone’s pocket. Those prices are even lower if you choose to live in one of Nashville’s suburbs. 

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Great Schools

Families with kids will appreciate the fact that Nashville offers fantastic choices when it comes to schools. Both suburban and city districts pride themselves on high-quality education and great professors that are true professionals who love their job. Your kids will get the education they need in order to learn as much as possible and be successful in life. 

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Fun Nightlife

Nightlife - Nashville

Since Nashville is the Music City, it goes without saying that this city has a super-fun and vibrant nightlife. Numerous concerts, fantastic bars, great annual festivals, and much more make Nashville a must-see place for anyone who enjoys good live music and great beer. This is another reason for young people to love Nashville and its suburbs. Although county music is the most popular genre in Nashville, there are many bars and pubs that play other styles too. 

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